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Press Column

Enough is enough. The oil and gas tycoons are still driving up profits, bankers lifting the lid on their bonuses and developers squandering our land to generate more and more for themselves, all aided and abetted by this Government.

We are surrounded by the powerful, set on greed, to exploit us. All the while you honestly and earnestly labour in our public services, businesses and community to try to keep up.

This week, Labour has declared that it will end the obscene tax avoidance and evasion that the super-rich pay their advisers to seek out.

We will keep the top rate of tax and we will advance windfall taxes on those who are taking advantage of this cost of living scandal.

Redistribution has always been at the heart of Labour’s agenda, and as Parliament has returned this week, we will be fighting your corner ever harder.

As we said at our conference, council housing will be our priority, building homes people can afford to live in.

We will ensure every child starts the day on a full stomach by extending breakfast clubs to all.

If you are sick, under Labour, you will have the doctors and nurses to treat you, we will ensure that you will see a doctor when you need to; doubling the number of doctor training places.

While the hope that Labour will bring could be up to two years away, and I assure you I will do everything I can to make it sooner, I want you to know that there is a network of support that is available to you across York to help walk with you through these difficult times ahead.

In Parliament, Labour will be seeking to force U-turn after U-turn on this Government’s treacherous economic policies.

We will demand that pensions and benefits get a cost of living rise, and block the Prime Minister’s targeting of the very poorest to pay for her economic incompetence.

Every funding and service cut, we will fight.

As mortgage rates rise and pension benefits are cut, we will be demanding Government protects you, rather than their multi-millionaire cronies.

There is a stark contrast between Labour and the Tories.

You may not see a Tory politician from election to election, but our Labour team is working day and night for you, in Parliament, in the council and across the city.

We are dedicated to serve because we care about being by your side and fighting your corner. We’re building a people-powered movement across our city to transform York, our region and our nation.

Ultimately, it is poor decisions and choices that are plunging so many into hardship, but if we strive for a different future, then anything is possible to achieve.

Of course it can seem daunting, but over the last few weeks, while Parliament has been in recess, I have been in York, working across the city, visiting charities, our public services, businesses and communities.

I have been putting the jigsaw together as to how we make our city one we are proud to live in again.

On the doorstep, you have been telling me of the impact of the cost of living crisis on you and your families.

These are the very issues that I am raising in Parliament. Government must not ignore the reality of our times.

Most of all, at this time of extreme hardship, we need to pull together to ensure that all the right support is put in place to help you through the coming months.

Labour is doing this, alongside so many organisations in York.

We are setting out how if you can give – give, and if you need help – help is available.

We can be so proud that as a city we can serve one another, and build the city and country where we can go beyond just surviving, but one in which we can all thrive.

Labour is on its way, and I hope you will come with us.

Enough is enough.

Now is our time to step up and support one another.


This article appeared in the York Press on 12th October 2022

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