Rachael Maskell MP
Rachael Maskell MP

While you sacrificed and suffered, Downing Street throbbed with parties. Cheese and Wine. Bring your own bottle. Quizzes. Endless parties laughing back at an imprisoned country.

As people risked their lives in our NHS, working day and night, officials were partying.

As people spent months locked away in care homes, the Prime Minster opened his home to ‘gatherings’.

As people could not be with their closest, as they slipped from this life, at No. 10 the wine was overflowing.

And as the Queen sat alone, and the nation was stilled, Boris Johnson’s cronies danced the night away.

First the pain; the disbelief. Then the anger.

And what’s worse, he lied. He tried to cover up. He said there were no parties. He said he did not know about them. He said he wasn’t there. Then the photos. Then the excuses. Then deeper pain and deeper anger. How dare he.

We obeyed the rules, he broke them and like a child tried to cover up and make excuses. He sent his minions out to justify his actions; he got his Ministers to absolve him from any blame. But we are not fools and will not be taken as such.

This arrogant, entitled, privileged Prime Minister believed that he was above the rest of us, above the laws he forced through Parliament taking our freedoms. He’s not sorry for the pain he caused, but for being caught.

He is finished.

He has no moral authority. No authority. The fish rots from the head, and the Tory Party he leads is nothing but a stinking relic that has exploited the people to profligate itself.

The Party is over.

Yet, he clings to power. No insight. No understanding. Each day he occupies Downing Street or hangs out at Chequers, he drives a bigger wedge between himself and the people.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. Hundreds are dying daily. Near 1 million are infected each week. Our NHS is breaking under the pressure. Loss is still cutting into the hearts of our families. His management of the pandemic has been a disaster. We need leadership. We need someone who can carry us through. We have none.

But let’s face facts. It isn’t just Covid. Poverty has soared. Energy prices, through the roof. Food, housing and other bills, getting harder to pay. Businesses folding. Good jobs lost. A climate crisis. And I won’t even start on Brexit.

The trail of disaster this man has left will take years to clear up. We have all paid a heavy price.

Our only comfort is that, for once, truth has caught up with him and found him wanting, found him out. Like Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ he can no longer conceal the harm he has perpetrated on others to profligate himself and his associates. It has all been revealed, and it is ugly.

Billions of taxpayers money going on contracts to people who had no experience of running vital services. Privatising services so that shareholders gain at our expense. Starving vital public services of the cash and staff needed to support our communities, while spending money on pet projects in seats the Tories need to hold at the next election.

Fixing electoral boundaries to fix the outcome of the next election. Appointing Tory puppets to run many of the institutions and public bodies that scrutinise Government. Cronies and corruption wherever you look. That has been his project. That will be his legacy. We have been its victims.

It was chance that brought all this to light and brought him tumbling down.

If your eyes have been opened, welcome. I do not blame those sucked into the intoxicating charisma that encircled his dominion. It all sounded so plausible. But things must drastically change, and I commit to sweeping away this corrupt regime and clearing out this Government.

Honesty and integrity really matter in politics. They are the values that shape my beliefs, my politics and my conduct. I will always be accountable to you and seek to serve you the best I can.

The music has now stopped; the party is over. In the wake of your loss and pain, suffering and sacrifice, let a new chapter begin.

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