Last Thursday, York clearly voted to remain in the EU with a 16 point lead over leaving. Through the work of Labour In For Britain and Britain Stronger In Europe, the campaign to Remain in Europe reached voters across our city.

Clearly this wasn’t the national outcome and in the last few days we have seen the development of a constitutional crisis, an economic crisis and strain on the relationship with our European friends and neighbours.

Many in our communities have also woken up to hear that they were deceived in the Referendum. As promises to invest £350m into the NHS has been withdrawn, as they have been told that immigration cannot be addressed through withdrawal from the EU, and as the pound falls, that millions are being wiped out of our nation’s wealth.

We are now plunged into a time of uncertainty and instability. David Cameron who irresponsibly led us into this situation is leaving the sinking ship, and whilst he will be fine, whatever he does, many in our communities will not. George Osborne has already called out the need for an emergency budget, and the Tories have been handed another excuse to deliver a programme of cuts and restraint, but only this time, without the protections that the EU provides, like workers’ rights.

There are many in our community who feel that they have been abandoned. In York we know that we have a low wage, although high cost of living area, we have a local housing crisis and our local economy was dependent on remaining. I will now be working tirelessly in Parliament to limit any negative effect that withdrawal from the European Union could have in our community and to heal the serious divides that are growing in society.

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