With more than a quarter of people living in rented accommodation in the City of York, the Labour Party’s policy on capping private rents ‘offers a financial lifeline and a sense of security’, says Labour PPC for York Central, Rachael Maskell.

Rachael Maskell said:“York has some of the most expensive property in the north of England, but has, in the main, a service economy with too many people on low wages and zero hours contracts.

“The disconnect between pay packets in York and the rents charged in the private sector is too large -; and that’s why Labour’s policy for capping rents to the level of inflation over three years will help those families struggling with the cost of living crisis.


“Twenty-six per cent of housing is privately rented in York and the buy-to-let market needs reining in.

“The capped rents policy will offer a financial lifeline and a sense of security for those worried about keeping a roof over their heads and putting food on the table.

“Labour’s pledge to scrap the cruel ‘Bedroom Tax’ will also go some way to alleviate the pressure on household budgets, not just in York, but across the UK.”

Rachael Maskell said that the local housing allowance posed a special problem for those renting in York, as rents were much higher than neighbouring areas such as Malton and Selby, which were taken into account for the purpose of calculating housing benefits.

She called for York’s housing benefit to be calculated separately from the lower cost neighbouring areas.

She said that £220 a month in housing allowance was too little for a three bedroom property in York, where the average rent was £1,014 a month.

Rachael Maskell said:“York badly needs more housing, and if I am elected on 7 May, I will work with all the political parties to make this a reality for the people of York.”

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