Rachael and the Labour team out campaigning for housing in York with Hilary Benn MP. Under the Tories, we are building fewer than half the number of homes we need to keep up with demand. David Cameron has presided over the lowest level of housebuilding in peacetime Britain since the 1920s. Labour has a plan to make this happen, please read more….

  • Labour will get 200,000 homes built a year by 2020. This will close the gap between the number of homes we build and the number of homes we need, as well as providing up to 230,000 jobs in construction.

  • Labour will unblock the supply of new homes by giving local authorities “use it or lose it” powers over developers who hoard land that has planning permission so that they can sell it on for a bigger profit, instead of building on it now.

  • Labour will deliver a new generation of New Towns and Garden Cities, and give a new “right to grow” to communities who want to expand but are blocked by neighbouring local authorities.

  • Labour will tackle empty homes by giving councils more power to charge higher rates of council tax on empty properties, and ensure new homes are advertised in the UK first, not overseas.

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