York Central EU Meeting

We are at a crucial point. Theresa May has published a 12 point plan which does not consider many of the issues my constituents contact me about on a regular basis for example environmental issues and food safety, national and economic security, jobs, and who we will trade with. The number of people who voted in the Referendum in York shows how important this issue is to people. I have already met with some of the people who voted to leave the EU and in order to gather a clear picture of how people want to see our future I am trying to meet with as many others as possible and give you the opportunity to voice your views and concerns.

January 30, 2017 at 8pm - 9pm
Friends Meeting House
York YO1 9RL
United Kingdom
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  • Sorry I am unable to come to the meeting tonight. However, I would like you to know how I feel and that is that you should vote to support Article 50. As the plan is to bring all the EU law we are presently subject to into UK law, then all the rights and environmental issues will be UK law and nothing should change except that we can then govern ourselves without the expense of the European Government
  • I have supported Jeremy all the way so far but cannot support him on the three-line whip. A referendum vote is advisory under our constitution, not a mandate for legislation. A 4% majority on the Brexit vote is not big enough to sacrifice the few safeguards on union rights and human rights that the EU provides and that the Tories will never put in place. Many voters for Brexit were registering a protest against the smugness of the Etonians in the Tory cabinet. If 2/3 of Labour party members voted to remain in Europe the leadership should be backing them not backing down.
  • Please RSVP: York Central EU Meeting
  • Please RSVP: York Central EU Meeting