Tax on Talent


In the Queen’s Speech, the Government announced it will allow some universities to raise their annual tuition fees above the current maximum of £9,000. Last year, I spoke in a debate and made the point that the Government were planning to bring in "higher tuition fees, at the same time as the removal of the maintenance grant—money that people will be expected to pay themselves" and now we see that less than a year later they have announced their plans.

Increasing tuition fees puts an unfair price tag on the futures of young people and I am totally opposed to this. The Government trebled tuition fees to £9,000 a year in 2010. I do not want to see fees climb even higher, saddling young people who want to go to university with around £50,000 worth of debt. This is a lifetime of debt that young people will have to consider before choosing a university education. This is a tax on talent.

The Labour Party have launched a new petition to put pressure on the Government not to allow this to happen. If you would like to sign the address is: 

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