Stop The Solar Tax Hike


Rachael Maskell MP for York Central is standing up for British clean energy industries and calling onĀ  to stop the solar tax hike.

The Tories are undermining high-growth British clean energy industries that will power the future. Their plans for a huge tax hike on businesses that install their own rooftop solar panels to generate clean energy will penalise thousands of businesses who have already made these investments, slashing their previous rate of return.

This change also risks making it uneconomic for many more businesses to generate their own clean energy. The proposed six to eightfold tax increase is based on outdated legislation and will come into effect without proper scrutiny.

Labour is calling on the Tories to pause and bring forward their plans for proper scrutiny so we can ensure that they do not further undermine a clean energy sector which has suffered 12,000 job losses and a crisis in investor confidence due to their policy attacks.

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