Calling for urgent consultation on business rates


Following the recent announcement about the closure of Burgins Perfumary, a business which has been trading in York for 137 years, Rachael Maskell challenged the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, to say when he will begin an urgent consultation on business rates to help traders in York.  In his Spring Budget the Chancellor promised that “a new preferred approach to business rates” would be consulted on but this has not happened.

The closure of Burgins is the latest in a number of York busineses to close in the last few years and traders are telling the York Central MP that business rates are unaffordable and they are disadvantaged by internet stores who do not pay UK tax and out of town shopping centres which have free parking facilities. 

Rachael Maskell MP says:
“In his Spring Budget the Chancellor promised there would be a consultation on business rates but that was four months ago and there has been no mention of this since. Does he not realise that businesses in York and the rest of the country are closing down because of the lack of action from the Government? Many businesses need help now and if this consultation is not carried out as a matter of urgency, more businesses will be forced to stop trading.

“I will not sit back and watch businesses which have traded in our city for generations go to the wall because of the Government’s inaction. When businesses close, people lose their jobs and their whole lives changes as a result of this. It impacts on their families and it impacts on the local economy as they have less to spend in shops and on services. The downward spiral can swiftly escalate and I will not sit back and watch this happen.”  

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